LIKE one really great thing we’ve seen throughout 3b/4a so far is how important Regina is to Emma. Emma looks after her, Emma isn’t at ease when she’s unhappy, Emma takes her words- even the snark- to heart and reacts and interacts with others based on that. It’s not about Henry anymore as it is Regina herself, as a person and a co-mom and a friend, and Emma treats Regina a lot like she did Mary Margaret back in S1.

And we’ve seen how Regina sees Emma with the same importance- yes, with some wariness, but Emma is also one of the only people out there she trusts enough to rely on and listen to even when she doesn’t like what she’s hearing. It’s become a very intense friendship (by OUAT standards of relationship development, it’s already a marriage lbr) and partnership where they’re equals and they respect each other and their opinions of each other matters IT’S JUST REALLY GREAT I HOPE THE PROMO TONIGHT IS GREAT BYE

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