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While the pair seemed on terrific ground when season 3 ended, Morrison warned that Emma’s biggest challenge in ploughing forward with this relationship is “something that I can’t talk about. You’ll see that her fears, her resistance to [Hook] in certain ways are based around what I can’t talk about.” This challenge is something internal to Emma and will be revealed early on in the season.

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It’s so painfully rare that you see Lana and Jen together in public so I was so, so happy to see them smiling, giggling and being adorkable together.”

And it was noticeable how they carried that interview and seemed to not be able to NOT communicate and interact with each other. It just makes their lack of interaction more glaring because their interactions together are so animated and entertaining. I have such a hard time wrapping my head around why they don’t capitalize on Lana and Jen’s natural chemistry. All other shows, even if two actor’s characters are shipped by fans (think Root & Shaw from POI), allow their actors to engage with each other off camera. Honestly, there should be more interviews with Jen and Lana together, not necessarily as a ship thing, but because the EQ and the Savior are the heart of the story.
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