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it had been a shock to the system to burst through the bushes and find her daughter swiping smudges of red lipstick from her lips with the back of her wrist and hurriedly stepping away from the flushed and panting mayor. but the more snow thought about it, in those few silent and awkward moments after the discovery, the more her heart swelled. it suddenly made sense. her strong and brave saviour child wasn’t born to defeat the evil queen in battle but to salve and help her restore the brave and selfless woman snow knew was still contained within her hardened exterior. her kintsugi girls, each broken and repaired so many times they glittered with gold but stood before her with tears in green eyes and concern in brown. her own eyes spilled tears of joy and relief as she reached out and drew towards her the two women she loved the most in all the realms. she laughed, and she smothered both their brows and cheeks with kisses and they sat together in relative silence and contemplated the shift in the axis of all their lives.

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